Why Mindarray?

We Are Not
Yet-another-IT-monitoring Company

We Stand Out

Our Truly
Unified Architecture

  • Purpose-built
  • Single-dashboard
  • All-in-one Performance Management

Full Control
Over IT Infrastructure

  • Business-Centric Monitoring
  • Insights for Cloud & Virtualization Strategy
  • An Eagle's Eye View of IT for Quicker RCA


  • Innovative Widgets for Customization
  • Dashboards with Health and Performance Metrics
  • Action-oriented Alerts and Reports


  • Master-Remote Polling Engine Architecture
  • Roll-based Admission Control for Privacy
  • Cost-effective Hosting of Multiple Customers

Our Promise

We work towards ensuring Peace of Mind for our customers by delivering


An eagle's eye view of complete IT infrastructure for total control, visibility, and single-click root cause analysis


Quick, and easy installation, configuration, auto discovery and human-centric visualization


Anxiety and stress-free management and monitoring through a multi-protocol, multi-vendor-aware, cloud and virtualization-ready comprehensive product that does not exhaust your IT budget

Who We Are

  • Amit Shingala

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Amit has co-founded Mindarray Systems with Alpesh in 2010. Prior to Mindarray he was a system analyst at Capital Novus Virginia. He has 3 years of experience in building Enterprise product to process electronic data for E-Discovery domain. He is very passionate about customer service, usability and making products that give the biggest bang for the buck. He graduated with distinction from Bridgeport University, where he earned a MS in Computer Science. His experience to manage a Hadoop Cluster at Capital Novus inspired him to solve the problems of Cross-Monitoring in Linux and Windows Environments. He firmly believes that monitoring systems shall rise.

  • Alpesh Dhamelia

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Alpesh co-founded Mindarray Systems. Previously he has worked with Amit for more than 3 years as a Technology Architect at Capital Novus. He has successfully developed enterprise class product from ground-up to extract key-phrase and document clustering using Hadoop mapreduce framework. As CTO of Mindarray, he takes care of everything from server hosting, planning capacity requirements, driving product development to showing the light at the end of the tunnel for all Mindarray geeks. With over half decade of experience in churning out smart code and mentoring smarter coders, Alpesh has led teams that developed multi-million dollar products with some of the largest law firms in USA. His passion includes optimizing algorithms and making windows device drivers. In his earlier avatar, he used to hack at college labs.

  • Manish Sheladia

    Chairman of the Board

    Manish has more than 20 years of experience building enterprise software products, services & delivery models. He has built companies in US & India & has led teams to deliver strategic objectives & highly profitable operations. As the board member of Mindarray, he provides hands-on leadership & mentoring in execution to achieve strategic goals.

    In Past, Manish co-founded & led CIGNEX - a company built on open source technologies serving customers across the world. Before CIGNEX, he worked at HP and other companies in US. While he built enterprise softwares and delivered them across the Globe, what he enjoys the most is working with passionate & highly skilled teams to achieve strategic goals!

  • Darshan Jani

    Board Member

    A seasoned executive with over 18 years of experience in the tech industry, Darshan has led teams at various companies in developing award winning technology products, from enterprise servers and network protocols to web-based applications and databases. A talented management professional in software industry, Darshan also has a unique experience of starting and managing an offshore development center (ODC) for a US-based enterprise software company where he provided vision, leadership, planning, and management for IT, HR and Operations in addition to product delivery. Being a product evangelist, Darshan has not only developed a number of differentiating features in various product line, but also is responsible for driving the transition to the development of broader solutions.

    Fun fact: In his free time, you might find Darshan hanging out with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer...a cast of characters he says he can watch "anytime, anywhere."