Virtual Machine

Stay Up-to-date with your virtual infrastructure with Minder

In the evolved IT of today, most enterprises have virtual & cloud based resources. With Minder, you can now gain visibility into the performance of your virtual environment, providing the ability to address the key challenge of virtualized management.

Minder is comprehensive in its support for all leading VM vendors, VMware, XenServer and Hyper-v.

Minder's unified IT monitoring approach enables operators of virtual infrastructure gain access to real-time analytics, point-in-time data and utilization trend as well as robust event management across all layers of virtual infrastructure including hypervisor, virtual machines, servers and application.

Why Choose Minder's Virtual Machine Monitoring

  • Complete Visibility into JMX and J2EE Applications
  • Request Processor Details
  • Comprehensive Application Details
  • EJB Details Such As Entity, Stateful and Stateless
  • Monitoring of used & free Memory and all the Java memory spaces
  • Connection Pool and JCA Details
  • Data Source, Web and Mail Service Monitoring