Tomcat Application
Server Monitoring

Monitor Your Business-Critical Applications With Minder's Tomcat Monitoring

Apache Tomcat is widely used by customers for deploying their JavaEE applications. Tomcat is an open source servlet container developed by Apache Software Foundation. Mindarray has built advanced application performance management capabilities that monitors Tomcat performance, availability and trend analytics.

With real-time alerts and accurate fault identification, it reduces the downtime and possibilities of an IT outage, giving IT teams an early warning before service levels start to get affected.

Key Features Of Tomcat Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor and visualize critical business services and track SLA
  • Monitor and index Tomcat application log data to gain insights
  • Intuitive visualization of session, thread pool, JVM charts, and graphs
  • Get real-time overview of Tomcat performance
  • Effective fault management throughevent correlation