Jboss Application
Server Monitoring

Providing Total Visibility into Jboss Performance Monitoring

JBoss is a RedHat open-source Java EE-based application server. Minder provides detailed performance metrics, reports and analytics making JBoss monitoring easier and comprehensive.

Minder allows IT administrators to gain insights into JVM, J2EE application, server and hardware performance data. By monitoring every layer of Enterprise IT Infrastructure including application logs, network devices, servers, databases and traffic flow, Minder provides complete visibility to IT management teams.

Key Jboss Components Monitored By Minder

  • Complete Visibility into JMX and J2EE Applications
  • Request Processor Details
  • Comprehensive Application Details
  • EJB Details Such As Entity, Stateful, Stateless
  • Monitoring of used & free Memory and all the Java memory spaces.
  • Connection Pool and JCA Details
  • Data Source, Web and Mail Service Monitoring