Glassfish Application
Server Monitoring

Glassfish Server Performance Monitoring And Management With Minder

Sun Glassfish is one of the leading J2EE application servers. Monitoring performance and availability of Glassfish based applications is key to effective application performance management strategy. Minder's unified IT monitoring solution automatically discovers Glassfish instances running on physical, virtual or in-cloud servers. Its comprehensive monitoring enables IT administrators to ensure smooth functioning of Glassfish applications.

Key Features of Glassfish Application Server Monitoring

  • Monitor and report connection details
  • EJB performance data
  • Comprehensive JVM memory and file cache details
  • JMS details such as connection pooland service
  • Tread pool and JDBC connection pool manager details
  • Summarized user request details
  • Transaction details such as commits/sec and rollbacks/sec
  • Individual web application and utilization details