New stunning Windows monitoring template to observe activity on Windows hosts

In the hunt for performance bottlenecks every piece of information may help you diagnose the issue. Our latest batch of updated template includes new comprehensive Windows template, giving you access to more data for analysis when needed.

The Windows server monitoring template includes update such as addition of few more Memory attributes, System Load attributes and event log.

We have made the template more informative in many aspects. Making sure you can drill down on any performance metric or even on event log.

Overall Memory Distribution – Pie showing overall memory distributed in individual components such as Physical used, Hardware reserved, Modified Page memory

Kernel Memory Distribution – Pie showing the number of MB allocated to Nonpaged pool and Paged pool memory.

Snapshot of Memory Utilization – Memory used in MB/Percentage such as Physical, Swap and virtual etc.

Windows Memory Monitoring

System Load attributes – Here is the list of attributes that represents the system load.

– Processor Queue Length

– Context Switch/Sec

– Page/Sec

– Running Processes

– Page Input/Sec

– Page Fault/Sec

– Interrupt/Sec

– Total Thread Count

Windows System Load Monitoring

Windows Event Log – Besides analyzing event log from eventlog and alarm dashboard, you can now also view the individual host event log in their respective tab. This will help you save time when you are analyzing the individual windows host since the filtered performance metrics, alarms and logs available at individual host level too.