Pin Point Potential Network Issues Before They Negatively Impact Your Business

Businesses place a lot of trust in the reliability of their IT infrastructure to provide customers with seamless connectivity – 24*7. Take the example of an online store, an hour’s downtime would mean huge business losses! Large enterprises expect their network infrastructures to work flawlessly without outages or slowdowns. Network slowdowns greatly reduce the productivity of employees and hence negatively impact the overall functioning of the business.

IT teams hence need to be equipped with the right tools to locate potential bottlenecks and take corrective actions before minor fallacies turn into major catastrophes.  Taking proactive and preventive actions can save businesses from suffering huge losses due to network unavailability. The last thing an IT team would want is to react and try to fix something after a lot has been damaged.

Preemptive network monitoring is the answer to finding and fixing issues in your network proactively before users and businesses are impacted.

Network Management

With unified network monitoring, you can locate specific network congestions, configuration changes, server systems, virtual servers and other network devices. Without the right monitoring tools, your IT teams get bogged down with manually analyzing, troubleshooting and correlating data to pin point and fix problems after they have already hit the network.

Here’s how you can work out a perfect monitoring solution for your business:

You get a comprehensive view of your network

To be able to identify issues before they impact your business, you need a comprehensive monitoring solution that gives you detailed statistics in real time. You can stay ahead of potential problems and tackle them before they cause any harm to your network infrastructure. Setting thresholds and configuring alerts and notifications for threshold breaches enables you to take preemptive action and create strategies to prevent such incidents in future.

Empowers you to perform real time analysis of problems and performance issues

Gathering data that goes beyond mere up and down states of network devices enables you to perform a real time analysis of the performance issues of your network. This can also help reduce the tide of calls to your IT support team.

Helps you limit the impact of network performance on businesses

Configuring alerts and notifications that warn you about heavier than normal traffic conditions on your network, unusually high bandwidth consumption or under-performing servers, applications or databases can help you take action and limit its impact on end users and businesses as a whole.

Helps you eliminate gaps in network visibility

The lack of a ‘complete view’ of your network on a single console increases the time to isolate and fix potential network issues. In order to quickly find and fix issues, you need to eliminate these gaps in network visibility by implementing a monitoring solution that can pin point your ‘problem areas’ on a dashboard or by plotting it on a map.

With planning ahead of time, you can implement a network monitoring solution that can proactively help you locate and fix potential issues ultimately minimizing the impact on the overall business.

Mindarray System’s Minder is a unified network monitoring solution that helps you accomplish all of the above and more. To find out more, please check our detailed features and product capabilities here.

Why does your business can’t avoid unified network monitoring?

Do you think that installing a networking monitoring software in your business environment is an unnecessary expense? Then think again. Unified or All-in-one network monitoring solution helps you monitor complex IT network proactively.

The need of a monitoring solution that would provide transparency at different level of IT management was long felt but the answer wasn’t readily available. Network monitoring not only helps in gaining insight on IT performance in an organization but also plug the holes responsible for business leakage. It has been seen that after implementing efficient monitoring policy there has been significant improvement in critical service delivery and overall performance of your entire infrastructure.

Why unified network monitoring tool?
Today businesses are located in disparate environment-involving local and virtual systems, remote storage and database spanning several locations. Traditional monitoring tools fail to deliver insight beyond network device and servers. The collected performance data using individual tools only provides information to one layer, without any context or correlation to other interdependent layers. Unified network monitoring solution helps overcome this challenge, allowing you to manage entire network of an enterprise from a single platform. This integration is the key parameter of determining effectiveness of enterprise IT ecosystem. Alongside, such monitoring system also offers visibility at every level of IT network, event correlation to make effective decision, performance enhancement, meeting compliance and facilitating auditing.

MindArray’s unifiednetwork monitoring tool is one such software that offers complete network monitoring solution from an interactive dashboard. Enterprise network can be monitored and managed at different levels so that the following can be achieved.

  1. Compliance Automation
  2. Availability of device
  3. Measuring performance of all infrastructure tiers
  4. Maximizing uptime and resource utilization
  5. Proactively Sending alerts, before critical service is affected
  6. Alerts through SMS, and emails
  7. Maintaining log and facilitating auditing
  8. Facilitating reporting
  9. Helps optimizing critical service
  10. Tracking Device Configuration
  11. Remote access from anywhere and anytime
  12. Custom Dashboards and views
  13. Composite Service Level Tracking (SLA)

In disperse and complex IT environment, system monitoring can be critical for competitive advantage. Today businesses are highly technology driven which means technical faults can cause business and revenue loss. Network monitoring tools has improved monitoring solutions by making it manageable from single platform.

What you must consider in a network monitoring system?
Network monitoring tools are now available in all variation, which has made it difficult to select the right one. However, here are few hints to help you decide about an appropriate monitoring tool according to your company.

  • Technology: For better monitoring, consider what monitoring capabilities are delivered – such as ability to monitor not only performance of network nodes but also manage the configuration and log data by all of the network devices, servers, endpoints and applications. These are easy to implement, update and most importantly doesn’t add to your capital expenses when your enterprise network grows.
  • Cost: Cost is an important deciding factor. While buying a software product one must consider total cost of owning in the long run. The comparison should be between buying individual licensed products against unified solutions that charge based on features you actually use.
  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure and operational cost involved also plays an important decision making role. This is one reason why unified monitoring solutions are gaining popularity. Individual tools require separate host and manual efforts, with unified monitoring system you can deploy all monitoring modules in one installation and reduce the overall operational cost.