Monitoring PostgreSQL – An Essentiality for your IT infrastructure

Databases are the heart of IT infrastructure on which a business thrives on. The idea that fascinates most of us is to have a unified monitoring solution that saves us from performance downtime and gives a comprehensive view of the server infrastructure.

Databases are pool of information crucial to an organization and most of us overshoot the mark by neglecting the monitoring solutions meant for databases. Any glitches in the performance of a database effects many other related services that are dependent on it. A good monitoring solution bails out the system from any such situations.

Several PostgreSQL monitoring parameters are polled by IPM that includes:

  • Availability and health of the application as well as host system.
  • Buffer and cache percentage details
  • CPU and memory utilization by database instance
  • Several network performance metrics such as number of open connections, transactions and so on.
  • Slow SQL queries that are occupying the most of the resources in real-time.
  • Real-time Wait Locks, Index Scans/Sec and Sequential Scans/Sec details.

Since the world has now moved towards open source, we look in for tools that support open source databases such as PostgreSQL. In the world of internet, a database takes in a number of requests for data retrieval. One cannot afford to have a performance lag in such a scenario. Just thought of losing even a single record brings jitters to us.

The MindArrays’ robust database monitoring tool notifies the database administrator if a problem or difficult situation comes to a head. For PostgreSQL, the monitoring tool polls the server and checks in the performance metrics for any abnormalities. This gives you the power to have in depth knowledge about the performance of your infrastructure and have the reign in your hands to pull the system through the problems by fixing the issues. With this automated monitoring software you can have real time stats about the database health and performance anytime. Investing in a monitoring tool for PostgreSQL would turn around your business by optimizing your infrastructure.

If your current database is PostgreSQL then you can have the benefits of a unified monitoring solution with Mindarray IPM. It’s also not just limited to PostgreSQL; it also lets you monitor Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2. Download now to get started with the free trial of IPM for 30 days.

Application Performance Monitoring- The Need of the Hour

Your network and business infrastructure performs for one reason and that is to deliver services that matter your business presence. MindArray offers unified solutions that you require to manage the overall network performance from the perspective of the different applications. Unlike traditional solutions, MindArray application performance monitoring solution is prompt and pro-active and helps maintain business services to run smoothly and also helps you locate the actual problem area faster than ever.

With MindArray’s application monitoring tools, IT companies can ensure high service quality while working on some of the critical business applications. Such solutions are aimed at proactive performance management of mission critical business applications. Our IPM supports application servers such as Glasshfish, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic and Jetty out-of-the-box and reveals the internals of your application server health through proactive monitoring and detailed analysis.

With next-generation and out-of-the-box application performance monitoring system, companies create an easy to use, comprehensive, on premise, unified performance model, which combines a range of solutions for network and virtualization performance monitoring. With our latest release, MindArray complements critical business service management and a full range of business monitoring strategies.

  • Offer a unified view for application performance management to ensure efficient and quick diagnosis of performance issues.
  • Comprehensive and customizable dashboards allowing you to manage various components influencing application performance, including network constitution across wireless and wired, or physical, virtual infrastructure.
  • Easy to set up dependencies along inter related application tiers. You can straight away assess the impact of performance issues.
  • Real time and accurate analysis of different applications.
  • Improvement in the performance of the application developed commercial functions.
  • Helps you gain accurate performance and troubleshooting reports and optimization.

MindArray IPM is pro-active, fast, and light and efficiently designed to manage the complexities involved in the hybrid, cloud, enterprise, web and other big data applications. Supporting start ups, mid sized and large enterprises, MindArray has been tackling diverse problems at their best. MindArray integrates various monitoring requirements in order to offer a single platform in place to manage performance in complex IT network. All in all our IPM offers highly targeted, centralized alerts, incident management and escalation to increase efficiency of your network and optimize its performance.