Is your unified IT monitoring platform actually UNIFIED? – Part II

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In my last blog, we explored about your monitoring requirements, how platform correlates information across layers and how monitoring is aligned to your business. There were lots of questions to be answered. So, in this post we will talk about the solution which is unified in its true sense.Unified IT Management2_0

Going by the definition; a unified monitoring platform monitors complete IT infrastructure of network devices, servers, applications, VMs, log data, cloud infrastructure all at once, irrespective of the locations of the deployment and varied technologies. A unified monitoring platform should be able to present complete picture of your infrastructure in one single dashboard. Few important features are;

  1. Single platform for all monitoring needs: The unified monitoring platform monitors and represents information about infrastructure availability, performance, capacity, configuration, compliance and flow data across multiple locations in one single dashboard. Thus, do not miss out on single aspect of your IT infrastructure and get ready to respond & fix much quicker and faster. As with Mindarray Minder, it is easy to install, deploy and get ready with most vital stats of the infrastructure and organization is ready to monitor everything under single roof.
  2. Quick drill down to slice & dice information: Being able to monitor all components is one thing and representing data in actionable form is another. Mindarray Minder has more than 700+ reports and custom widgets to equip you with the right information to compare information across layers, across systems. The administrators getting top view should also be able to get deep into the attribute level information to understand and act upon the issues.
  3. Correlated data and analytics: Every moment your infrastructure is talking to you, but working in silos won’t help. The data needs to be correlated across layers to give you an hour by hour analysis on health and performance of infrastructure. Mindarray Minder does just that! Every metrics is evaluated across 24 hour time span to identify the reasons of failure and to proactively reduce chances of failure in the infrastructure with data correlation.
  4. Business services impact: Aligning IT to business means grouping components at each layer, picking only the KPIs which actually matter to performance and monitoring overall group. This group is defined as business service in Mindarray Minder, offers single dashboard to monitor business service say an Ecommerce portal which consists of network switch, router, server, ecommerce application and database on a broader perspective. Each one of them should function at its best so that customers are given best user experience. Mindarray Minder allows monitoring performance and also providing proactive SLA measurement to align business to IT.

This is not enough though. There are still few nuances which you should take care of while choosing the best unified IT monitoring. A simple rule makes it a lot easier; If your provider asks you to install another plugin, you bound to have broken links and this is your moment of non-unified platform.

Work towards a smarter monitoring rather than patch monitoring. Explore Mindarray Minder a truly unified platform for all your monitoring needs and align your business to IT

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Author: Mudra Shah

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Mudra is senior support engineer, who loves to explore new technologies, new ways to solve redundant issues and how best IT infrastructure monitoring can be done.