Monitoring IT Infrastructure as a Service – Why you need it


Introduction of cloud has paved the way for a hoard of as-a-service solutions including Monitoring IT as a Service that allows one to monitor performance of one’s networking and IT on a multi-layered environment to accelerate troubleshooting to minimize losses caused by downtime.

Wider acceptance of multi-tenancy platform as scalable, flexible and affordable IT environment has also increased the importance of monitoring IT environment. IT monitoring service keeps tab on outage or potential outage for quicker resolution along with ensuring that IT environment of an organization is meeting state and international compliances of data storing and backup at multiple locations.

Today enterprise IT runs on a complex mix of physical and virtual environment. It is difficult to monitor performance of applications in this complex setup without a streamlined process. Using multiple tools for monitoring enterprise IT infrastructure leads in silos and also adds high operational and license cost. Such tools are not able to deliver visibility across all the layers of Infrastructure.

Monitoring IT as a Service

Business service Management plays a critical role in ensuring optimal end to end service delivery. For Effective infrastructure operations and monitoring Organization needs unified tool to monitor and analyze performance data across multiple tiers of enterprise network.

Unified monitoring software in more complete definition offers an integrated solution for network performance management, server and storage performance management, application performance management, virtualization monitoring, event & log compliance, network configuration, and more.

MindArray helps Organizations gain operational intelligence and effectively deliver end-to-end business service with its unified monitoring platform. Our IT performance Manager is designed to manage key challenges including:

  1. End-to-end visibility into all layers
  2. Integrated Log indexing and Compliance reporting
  3. Comprehensive business service management with packet level analysis
  4. Event co-relation to accelerate troubleshooting across network, server and applications.
  5. User-centric dashboard views with service quality monitoring

Monitoring IT as a Service with comprehensive monitoring and analytical solution that helps in comparing past data with present ones to identify and service quality degradation and minimize chances of downtime. By adopting our unified platform IT teams can meet HIPPA, PCI, SEC, FISMA, SEC etc. compliance, index logs and facilitates data auditing.