Peace of Mind with Minder!

An All-in-One
IT Monitoring

We take the stress and anxiety out of managing and monitoring today's complex IT infrastructure.

our benefits

We put IT infrastructure in your control


Minder enables nesting of components across layers of IT into a Business Critical Service, and enforces SLA for performance management, problem detection, event correlation and root cause analysis.

An Eagles' Eye View
of IT Layers

Minder gives you unparalleled visibility of your entire IT infrastructure. At the same time it can narrow down to a specific database query or application container at fault.

Real Time

Ensure real-time monitoring with complete end to end analysis of network, server and application performance in a single dashboard.

We free up your time

from worrying about

Multi-protocol and
multi-vendor IT monitoring

Support for cloud hosting
and virtualization

Business SLA


Generating reports
for business needs

Compliance with

Simplifying IT Monitoring

with Minder

  • Visually intuitive

  • Quick to install

  • Faster to configure

  • Automatic
    discovery of

  • Easier to learn

Our Pay-As-You-Grow purchasing model

gives you flexibility

Selection of products
to suit your needs

Pay for the number of
monitored devices

Licensing options to
suit your budget

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